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How We Work

No black box. Just a common sense approach that generates results...quickly.

We focus on helping our customers grow their businesses. Whether that is by developing new products, revamping existing ones, identifying new markets or which ones to exit.

We start by quickly developing an in-depth understanding of what your customers and partners need and value and how they view what’s available today from you and your competitors. We analyze what your company can uniquely offer and how that offering should be structured or how a product you already offer can be enhanced to meet their needs. The result? A solid business case, a conceptual mockup and plan.

Our approach ensures that the initiatives you decide to pursue are focused on your customers’ needs — what makes their lives easier and your company easier to deal with. Whether you are trying to understand why you’re losing market share, are looking to enter a new market and need a roadmap to get there or want to create more self-service opportunities for your customers, we can help you turn those strategies into actionable plans.

There’s no “black box” to what we do.  We work collaboratively with you and your team to understand the problem thoroughly and build a solution that works. We can move quickly so that you can implement the elected strategy and realize the impact on your business.

Most of the time you’ll work directly with a Ridge Group Principal who has direct experience with the type of challenge you’re facing. When necessary we bring in others — with whom we have long held relationships — to contribute their domain-specific knowledge. Take a look at some of the companies we’ve worked for and our areas of expertise.